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Canaan Discography - 1960s


Blue Ridge Quartet The Blue Ridge Quartet (CA-4605/CAS-9605): The Streets Of Gold; Precious Memories; Lord I'm Coming Home; I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You; Not My Will; Stop And Pray; Lead Me Guide Me; Mansion Can't Be Bought; Suppertime; The Haven Of Rest; How Great Thou Art; Take My Hand

Couriers The Sensational Sounding Couriers Quartet (CA-4608/CAS-9608): Turn Your Life Over To Him; Mighty Man; When It All Starts Happening; Smile On His Face; The Battle Is Almost Won; Stepping In The Light; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; Fill My Cup; Homecoming; Sometimes It Seems; At The End Of The Road; Thank You Lord

Florida Boys Florida Boys In Nashville (CA-4601/CAS-9601) They Tore The Old Country Church Down; Many Miles Behind; You've Never Really Lived; We've Come This Far; Lord, Teach Me How; Good Old Days; Jesus Be A Fence; Show Me Thy Ways I'm On My Way?; Wait For Me; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; It Was Jesus. (Coy Cook, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

LeFevres Songs of Happiness (CA-4603/CAS-9603): I've Been With Jesus; Take A Look; He; I Can Call Jesus Any Time?; Land Of Eternal Spring; Goodbye World; Lord Carry Me Home; Every Day; The Old Gospel Ship; Farther Along; I Met The Master; When God Dips His Love

Plainsmen Wonderful Time Up There (CA-4600/CAS-9600) I'm Free Again; Family Bible; Hand In Hand; He Cares; My Journey; God Make A Way; I've Been With Jesus; Wait Upon The Lord; Born To Serve; I've Got A New Born Feeling; Jesus Use Me

Rebels Lily of the Valley (CA-4604/CAS-9604): Lily Of The Valley; Did You Stop To Pray; The Fourth Man; Voice Inside; Gonna Move To The Sky; Highest Hill; Lifted From Sin; Never Walk Alone; Do You Ever Think To Pray; The Touch Of His Hand; Gentle Stranger

Rebels Sacred Gems (CA-4607/CAS-9607): Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; In The Garden; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Have Thine Own Way; Precious Memories; Lord I'm Coming Home; Standing On The Promises; What A Friend; Who At My Door Is Standing; Rock Of Ages; Are You Washed In The Blood; Only Believe

Vanguards The Fourth Man (CA-4606/CAS-9606): How Great; I Can Call Jesus; Trust And Believe; My God; I Believe In The Old Time Way; He's A Personal Savior; Job's God; Child Of The King; Peace In The Valley; He's The King; What Then

Various Artists ((Florida Boys, Couriers, Happy Goodmans, Dixie Echoes) Gospel Singing Jubilee I (CA-4602/CAS-9602) Jubilee; You've Got To Move; Standing By The River; In Times Like These; Swing Down Chariot; Many Miles Behind; It Is No Secret; Great Gettin' Up Morning; I Love To Tell The Story; Just One Rose Will Do; I'm Saved I Need No Mansion; How Great


Blue Ridge Quartet The Love Of God (CA-4616; CAS-9616): Move Up A Little Closer; When You Travel All Alone; Michael Row The Boat Ashore; How Long Has It Been; Somebody Touched Me; Jesus Prayed Alone; The Love Of God; Gonna Build A Mountain; Room At The Cross; Yesterday Today And Tomorrow; I Wanta Go There; No More Alone.

Blue Ridge Quartet Who Am I (CA-4622; CAS-9622) His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; A Soldier's Prayer; I Met God On A Mountain; Here's My Buryin' Ground; Oh Glory Hallelujah; Who Am I; Ten Thousand Angels; Win The Lost At Any Cost; Palms Of Victory; Grace Greater Than All Our Sins; Every Day Will Be Sunday.

Couriers Sing Unto The Lord (CA-4620; CAS-9620): Someday; Lead Me; I Don't Regret; Ask Seek And Knock; With His Hands; Patiently; What A Friend; His Grace; Lily White Stone; That Beautiful Name; Lift Me Up; He Cared.

Dixie Echoes Echoing (CA-4610/CAS-9610): I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; Welcome Home; That Heavenly Home; Little Is Much; From Heaven; I Will Follow Thee; You've Never Really Lived; Praise The Name; Look Up; I Walked Along; I'm Nearer Home; When I Feel The Savior's Hand. (Dale Shelnut, Joe Whitfield, J.G. Whitfield, Sue Whitfield, Hal Kennedy, George Forbis).

Florida Boys Look Up To Jesus (CA-4621; CAS-9621): Lord Accepted Me; My Altar; Some Day; Welcome Home; I'd Rather Live In The Valley; Go Right Out; There's A Leak; There's Nothing My God Can't Do; I'll Praise The Name; From This Moment; Jesus Gettin' Us Ready. (Coy Cook, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

Hal Kennedy The Little Man With The Big Heart (CA-4619; CAS-9619).

Happy Goodmans I'm Too Near Home (CA-4613/CAS-9613): I'm Too Near Home; Born To Serve The Lord; I Saw The Light; Life's Railway To Heaven; It's Different Now; Jesus Use Me; I Will Follow Thee; The Answer's On It's Way; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; It's Gonna Rain. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty).

Happy Goodmans The Best Of The Happy Goodmans (CA-4614/CAS-9614): I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; Goodman Family Story; Will The Lord Be With Me; Child Of The King; Touch The Hand Of The Lord; I'm In A New World; Lord I Need You Again; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; The Old Gospel Ship; Nearer To Thee; Without Him. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty).

Happy Goodmans It's A Wonderful Feeling (CA-4617/CAS-9617): It's A Wonderful Feeling; My Lord And I; I Don't Regret A Mile; They Tore The Old Country Church Down; Peace In The Valley; This Little Light Of Mine; I'm Nearer Home; Homecoming Week; Well Done My Child; Ten Thousand Angels; When God Dips His Love In My Heart; Touch Of His Hand On Mine. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty).

Harvesters Born To Serve The Lord (CA-4609/CAS-9609): I Just Telephone; More About Jesus; I Was There; Because Jesus Said It; Where We'll Never Grow Old; You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Road; I Will Follow Thee; Born To Serve; Way Out Yonder; Jesus Use Me; Someday; Jehovah My Jesus

Plainsmen The Plainsmen Quartet, Volume 1 (CA-4611): The Touch Of His Hand; Somebody Up There Likes Me; He's Not Disappointed Me; Dry Bones; Lord, Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me; I've Got News; Sing, Brother Sing; Hide Me, Rock Of Ages; Peace In The Valley; Inside The Gate; Goin' Home; Whispering Hope.

Plainsmen The Plainsmen Quartet, Volume 2 (CA-4612): How Great Thou Art; If We Never Meet Again; When They All Get Together With The Lord; Just Across The Border; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Can He Depend On You; Every Hour And Every Day; I've Been Waiting; When you Travel Alone; Talk, Talk About Jesus; Lead Me, Guide Me; This Heart Of Mine; Pray For The Light To Shine Through; He's The Lily Of The Valley.

Various Artists Gospel Singing Jubilee Volume 2 (CA-4618; CAS-9618).


Blue Ridge Quartet Blue Ridge Quartet Sings America's 12 Favorite Hymns (CA-4637; CAS-9637): Beyond The Sunset; Abide With Me; Whispering Hope; God Will Take Care Of You; Ivory Palaces; Jesus Savior Pilot Me; How Great Thou Art; The Old Rugged Cross; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Amazing Grace; In The Garden; Rock Of Ages

Dixie Echoes Coming On Strong (CA-4623; CAS-9623): Welcome Home; In The Shelter Of His Arms; Lead Me To The Altar; Zion's Hill; I Want To Do Thy Will Oh Lord; How Much Further Can We Go; Give Up; Table Grace; Day Of Rejoicing; The Taller Your Shadow Will Be; Poor As A Beggar; At The End Of The Road. (Dale Shelnut, Hal Kennedy, J.G. Whitfield, Coy Cook, Ralph Jarman, Joe Whitfield).

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Florida Boys Singing Through Life (CA-4629; CAS-9629). (Coy Cook, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

Florida Boys Up Tempo (CA-4631; CAS-9631): Old Fashioned Love; Fire Song; Let God Abide; So Many Reasons; I'm Building A Bridge; Count Your Blessings; Palms Of Victory; I Wanta Know; He Cares; Who Am I; Higher Ground; Master Locksmith. (Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

Dwayne Friend Dwayne Friend Picks Happy Goodman Hits (CA-4632; CAS-9632).

Happy Goodmans Bigger And Better (CA-4630; CAS-9630): When It All Starts Happening, I'll Be There; I'll Regret; Point Of No Return; Living By Faith; I'm Building A Bridge; Jesus Said It, I Believe It; Not In A Million Years; Weapon Of Prayer; Born Again; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; Poor Rich Man. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Happy Goodmans Good 'N' Happy (CA-4636; CAS-9636): When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky; Life Evermore; The Eyes Of Jesus; Move Up A Little Closer; Remind Me Dear Lord; The Old Rugged Cross; He Filled A Longing; Heartbeat From Heaven; My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out; Lord I Need A Blessing; Do You Know My Jesus; It Happened. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Happy Goodmans What A Happy Time (CA-4628; CAS-9628): What A Happy Time; Who Am I; There's A Light Guiding Me; I Wonder; Homecoming; It'll All Be Over But The Shouting; Something Got Ahold Of Me; Until You've Known The Love Of God; Most Of All; The Master Locksmith; Our Lord's Return; The Gloryland Way. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Harvesters Oh So Many Reasons (CA-4626; CAS-9626) Just Over In The Gloryland; My Heart Is Reserved; Walk With Me; My Lord's So Good; I'll Be Satisfied; Talk About Jesus; Gypsy Boy; Old Rugged Cross; I Shall Be Home; Homecoming; I Will Lean On His Arm

Harvesters and Oak Ridge Boys Together (CA-4625; CAS-9625): Is My Lord Satisfied - Oak Ridge Boys; Without Him - Oak Ridge Boys; His Eye - Oak Ridge Boys; Rainbow Of Love - Oak Ridge Boys; How Long - Oak Ridge Boys; Come All Ye Children - Harvesters; Jesus Hold My Hand - Harvesters; Hide Me - Harvesters; I've Been Changed - Harvesters; Standing By The River - Harvesters; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All - Oak Ridge Boys & Harvesters; Gettin' Ready - Oak Ridge Boys & Harvesters.

Hemphills The Country, Gospel Style Of The Hemphills (CA-4634; CAS-9634).

Hovie Lister 1965 Sermon (CA-4633).

Hovie Lister 1966 Sermon (CA-4638).

Tall Men Quartet Walk Talk And Sing (CA-4624; CAS-9624): Amazing Grace; Wait For Me; What Love; When I Come To The End; That Heavenly Home; Moving Up; He's Done So Much; Until You Find The Lord; He's Already Done; He Cares; He Will Never Let Me Down.

Weatherfords Come On Let's Sing (CA-4627; CAS-9627).

Weatherfords Listen To Those Smooth Weatherfords (CA-4635; CAS-9635).


Blue Ridge Quartet Sing Out The Good News (CAS-9651).

Blue Ridge Quartet Songs We Can't Stop Singing (CA-4645/CAS-9645).

Coy Cook High And Easy (CA-4641/CAS-9641).

Ike Davis The World Of Ike Davis (CA-4643/CAS-9643).

Dixie Echoes Exciting And Inspiring (CA-4649/CAS-9649): I'm Working On A Building, He Looked Beyond My Faults, We'll Soon Be Done, The Lights Of Home, That's Enough, How Great Thou Art, The Old Fashioned Meeting, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, It Might As Well Be Me, Trouble In My Way, He Touched Me, I'll Shake The Hand Of The Lord. (Dale Shelnut, Coy Cook, Joe Whitfield, Calvin Runion, Ralph Jarman, Sue Whitfield).

Pete Drake Steel Away (CA-4640/CAS-9640).

Florida Boys Kinda Country (CAS-9652): Keep On The Firing Line; My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me; Crying In The Garden; The Price He Paid; Troubles Can Break You; Great Is The Lord; Depart From Me; Power In The Blood; I Saw The Face Of Jesus; Guilty Of Love; Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me; Lead Me To The Altar. (Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

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Florida Boys Make Happy Tracks (CA-4639/CAS-9639): Happy Tracks; The Eyes Of Jesus; His Grace Is Sufficient; Unafraid; God's Way; I'm On The Right Road Now; I Came Here To Stay; Welcome Home; The Good Folks In My Life; Without God; I Found A Savior; Love Is The Key. (Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

Happy Goodmans The Happy Gospel Of The Happy Goodman Family (CA-4644/CAS-9644): Hallelujah; The One Who Died For Me; Pity The Man; Keys To The Kingdom; Welcome Home; When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven; Great Is The Lord; I See The Light; Willing Lord; O Come Angel Band; Savior, Gently Take Me Home; Joy For Your Soul. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Hemphills In Gospel Country (CA-4647/CAS-9647).

Hal Kennedy Gospel Songs The Country Way (CA-4646/CAS-9646).

Prophets Beauty, Power and Peace (CA-4642/CAS-9642).

Steve Sanders I'm Happy Now (CA-4648/CAS-9648): I'm Happy Now; Not My Will; What A Day That Will Be; I Saw The Light; Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me; Just Over In The Gloryland; Keep Walking; Suppertime; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Which Road Leads To Heaven; I'm On The Right Road Now; Who Am I.

Various Artists America's Gospel Classics (CA-4650/CAS-9650).


Blue Ridge Quartet And That's Enough (CAS-9667): I've Been Born Again; On My Way To Glory; He Touched Me; I Want To Stroll Over Heaven; I'll Follow In Thy Steps; Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho; Daddy Sang Bass; America; To See My Savior's Face; Jesus Is Coming Soon; I Know A Man Who Can; That's Enough.

Blue Ridge Quartet Green Green Grass Of Home (CAS-9658).

Ike Davis Gospel Sessions (CAS-9668).

Florida Boys Your Kind Of Singing (CAS-9664): (Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, Glen Allred, Billy Todd, Derrell Stewart).

Galileans Gospel Fiesta (CAS-9672).

Happy Goodmans Portrait Of Excitement (CAS-9655): Had It Not Been; There'll Be Shouting On The Hills; How About You; Precious Lord Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me; Cross Over Jordan; There's Been A Lot Of Changes; Big Homecoming; Take Me In The Lifeboat; The Holy Hills Of Heaven; Soul's Harbor; Glad Reunion Day; When I Reach That City. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Happy Goodmans This Happy House (CAS-9663): Thank God I'm Free; Oh Happy Day; Guilty Of Love; Live, Live, Live; It Won't Be Long; I Found A Better Way; The Sweetest Song I Know; I'm Persuaded To Believe; I Want To Stroll Over Heaven; This Is What Heaven Means To Me; Rock Of Ages; Come And Dine. (Sam, Vestal, Howard, Rusty & Bobby).

Hemphills Take Us Home With You (CAS-9665): That's What Calvary Means To Me; Had It Not Been; It Shall Be Well With The Righteous; I Took A Look; Mother Prayed For Me; Thank God I'm Free; I Found A Better Way; Incomparable God; Faith Gets The Job Done; Small Men Cast Long Shadows; Take Us Home With You; I'm Traveling On. (Joel Hemphill, LaBreeska Hemphill, Tim McKeithen, Dixie McKeithen, Bill Tharp).

Jack Holcomb Dearest To My Heart (CAS-9656).

John Stalls Family Singing Time (CAS-9657).

LeFevres LeFevres Play Gospel Music! (CAS-9662).

LeFevres The Best Is Yet To Come (CAS-9661).

Lowell Lundstrom Team Running Free! (CAS-9666).

Lowell Lundstrom Team We're Happy Christians (CAS-9654).

Ernie Maxwell The Happy Guitar Of Ernie Maxwell (CAS-9670).

Steve Sanders Little Steve Sings Big (CAS-9653).

Steve Sanders This Is My Valley (CAS-9669).

Thrasher Brothers Ride N' High (CAS-9660).

Various Artists Gospel Classics, Volume 2 (CAS-9659).

Various Artists Gospel Time-Happy Time! (CAS-9671).

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