Canaan Records, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s

Canaan Records Discography - 1990s and 2000s


1992 Camp Meeting (Canaan Records/Word Records): Old Camp Meeting Days; A Newborn Feeling; It Is Not What's Over The Door; Step Into The Water; Dig A Little Deeper In God's Love; Suppertime; What A Meeting; I'll Worship Only At The Feet Of Jesus; Daystar; This Ole House; Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home; Wedding Music; I've Read The Back Of The Book; Champion Of Love. (Glen Payne, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett).

1993 High and Lifted Up (Canaan Records/Word Records): A Comfort To Know; Death Has Died; Jesus Has Risen; At The Name Of Jesus; Come Home; High And Lifted Up; Jesus Saves; I Thirst; Everyday Every Hour; I'd Like To Say It Again. (Glen Payne, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett).

1993 Worship His Glory: Acapella Praise (Canaan Records/Word Records): Just A Little Talk With Jesus; There Is A Fountain; Children Go Where I Send Thee; He Keeps Me Singing; The Gathering Medley: Down By The Riverside, I Am Bound For The Promised Land, Shall We Gather At The River, When We All Get To Heaven; Since Jesus Came Into My Heart; Holy, Holy; Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee; My Savior's Love; Softly And Tenderly. (Glen Payne, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett).

1994 Raise the Roof: 30th Anniversary (Canaan Records): Raise The Roof; Your Blesser Ain't Never Been Blessed; No News Is Good News; Oh Come Along; Hereafter; Still Drinking Water From The Well; I've Never Been Sorry; Somebody Loves Me; Don't Be Afraid; Never Before Never Again. (Glen Payne, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett).

Cathedral Quartet A Reunion (Canaan Records/CRCD9511/Word Records): Wedding Music; Oh Come Along; Hide Thou Me; I Want To Walk Just As Close As I Can; Unclouded Day; Sunshine And Roses; Cleanse Me; Yesterday; I'm Gonna Shout All Over Heaven; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; He Loves Me; Sin Will Take You Farther; I've Just Started Living; Champion Of Love; Goodbye World Goodbye; Master Builder; Somebody Touched Me; Step Into The Water; Movin' Up To Gloryland; I Know A Man Who Can. (Glen Payne, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett, Bobby Clark, Mack Taunton, Roy Tremble, Mark Trammell, George Amon Webster, Haskell Cooley, Danny Funderburk, Gerald Wolfe, Kirk Talley).


Hoppers The Ride: Freedom Band; The Dove; Yahweh; The Applause; My Only Option; God Already Knew; Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin; Let The Redeemed Say So; He Erased It; Try A Little Kindness/Less Of Me; Haven Called Heaven; I'm Just Waiting For My Ride; That's Him (Dean Hopper, Kim Hopper, Connie Hopper, Claude Hopper, Mike Hopper, Lewis Wells).

Various Artists Canaan Revisited Disc One: Still Drinking Water From The Well; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; Beyond The Sunset; Swing Wide The Gates; We Shall Wear A Crown; Wherever I Am; Step Into The Water; The Lighthouse; I Feel Like Traveling On; Touring That City; Jesus Is Alive And Well; Naaman; I Know A Man Who Can; What A Beautiful Day; I'll See You In The Rapture; Disc Two: When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; More Than Conquerors; Triumphantly The Church Shall Rise?; Statue Of Liberty; Who Am I; When He Was On The Cross; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; Famine In Their Land; Hallelujah Praise The Lamb; Hallelujah Square; God Walks The Dark Hills; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Is That Footsteps I Hear; Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Sing?; He Is Here. (Cathedral Quartet, Happy Goodmans, Florida Boys, Inspirations, Talleys, Nelons).


Kim Hopper I Just Wanted You To Know When God Sings; The Promised Land; Gospel To The World; What Will I Wear; Well Done Well Done; The Woman In My Little Girl's Room; The Devil Lost His Keys; That Sounds Like Heaven To Me; Come Out Praising; I Just Wanted You To Know.

LeFevre Quartet Nothin' But Good Let Me Tell You 'Bout Jesus; Didn't It Rain; Take My Life; Glorious; Big Mighty God; Last One Worthy; You Thought Of Us; Nothin' But Good; It's Time To Sing; You're Never Too Far Away; Jesus Saves.

Mike And Kelly Bowling Faith To Believe Your Cries Have Awoken The Master; It's Alright; I've Never Walked Alone; God's Not Through With You; Oh How Sweet Is The Victory; Notified; A Miracle Today; I Never Shall Forget The Day; I Have Faith; The Only One; Keep Breathing; We Have A Saviour.

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