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Wendy Bagwell (1953-1996)
Jerri Morrison (1953-1996)
Georgia Jones (1953-1958)
Jan Buckner (1958-1996)

Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters (1953-1996)

Wendy Bagwell, Geraldine "Jerri" Morrison, and Georgia Jones formed Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters in 1953. After a few years, Jones was replaced by "Little Jan" Buckner, and this remained the group line-up until they retired in 1996.

Many albums released by the Sunliters included at least one comedy routine by Bagwell in addition to regular songs. They are best remembered for the 1970 release titled Here Come The Rattlesnakes. The title track featured Bagwell’s hilarious comedy routine about the Sunliters singing a date for a church that handled snakes in their worship services. It was the number one “song” on the Singing News chart from November 1970 to January 1971.

The group was inducted into the Gospel Music Association's Hall Of Fame in 2001, and all three of the longtime members of the Sunliters have been inducted individually into the Southern Gospel Music Association's Hall Of Fame.


GMA Hall Of Fame (2001)


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Also see Wendy Bagwell for solo projects.

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Page last modified on April 22, 2020, at 09:58 PM EST